In the past, Men’s bracelets have been mostly overlooked in everyday fashion. Today, they are being embraced for their genuine, intriguing, and timeless style. You can’t go wrong when purchasing them for your own wardrobe or as a gift for special occasions.

Consider the following tips when searching for the perfect bracelet to add to your jewellery ensemble.

  • Look into the sizing and switch it up when necessary

  • Knowing your proportions for wrist bracelets is necessary, as you can opt for loose or fitted styles. 

    For instance, a designer cuff bracelet that clings seamlessly might be best suited for a formal gathering or date night, and paired with a tuxedo and leather shoes. A flawless fit exudes polished refinement, making it the perfect accompaniment for a formal occasion.

    To find the appropriate fit for men’s wrist bracelets, remember that you should be able to slide a finger or two under between the bracelet and your wrist. Typically, the accessory is tucked under your sleeves, so a fitted bracelet leaves no awkward-looking bulges around the cuffs. If you are not sure about the proportions you selected, refer to the sizing guide from your selected retailer.

  • Consider the look and feel of every men’s wrist bracelet compared to your outfit

  • Men’s fashion jewellery is designed last, so you have the chance to switch up your fashion choices easily. Doing so allows you to correct any mismatched patterns, clashing colours, and any other styling mishaps.

    Fortunately, if you’re unsure how best to style your jewellery, there are tried-and-true options to round out your outfit of the day. 

    One effective way to style men’s bracelets is to opt for natural materials, such as wood, leather, metal, and stone. 

    Whatever your choice, always look at it in front of the mirror to check, and make adjustments accordingly. If you are still unsure, you can easily bring a few accessories in your bag for styling on the go! 

  • Wear bracelets on one wrist first before opting for two

  • You may find it odd when wearing men’s wrist bracelets on both hands, but this trend is actually beginning to gain popularity. It is a great way to accentuate all angles and boost self-confidence. 

    If you already wear accessories like a wristwatch and rings, stick to the basics, and wear a bracelet on one wrist, to complement your existing pieces. You can either colour-match your accessories, or pick complementary styles to complete your everyday, fashionable look. 


    Men’s bracelets can be part of everyday fashion picks, but you should pay close attention to detail. You should now have a better understanding of the best way to style mens bracelets. However, if you lack jewellery in your personal collection, source them from reputable brands like ours! 

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